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U.S. Offshore Wind projects

Currently in the U.S. are two operating offshore wind farms, and one farm has been approved by the BOEM and is expected to start construction this year.


There are at least 41 offshore wind projects in various planning stages on both coasts and the Great Lakes (see table below).


The Biden administration has set the target to approve at least 11 wind farms by the end of 2021.



Block Island Wind (since 2016)

Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (since 2020)

BOEM Approved (final):

Vineyard Wind (as of 5/11/2021)

State Approved (waiting for BOEM):

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind (as of 6/30/2021 - NJ)

Ocean Wind II (as of 6/30/2021 - NJ)


Source: 2018 Offshore Wind Technologies Market Report published by the Department of Energy and NREL [download]

More details and links to projects via maps below.

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