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Research & Development

International Initiatives and Cooperation


Nation Offshore Wind R&D Consortium

Deploy 30 GW Offshore Wind by 2030 - U.S. Wind Energy Technology Offices

Offshore Wind Supply Chain Road Map with planning tool Supply Chain Connect

United Kingdom:

Catapult Offshore Renewable Energy

Offshore Wind Accelerator


Innovation Fund to research wind blade decommissioning

Ten Danish project partners have been awarded funding from Innovation Fund Denmark’s Grand Solutions program to co-fund the research and development project ‘DecomBlades’: a three-year project which seeks to provide basis for commercialization of recycling of wind turbine blades using sustainable solutions.


Offshore Wind Energy Foundation (German)


World Forum Offshore Wind (with offices in Germany, Singapore and U.S.)

Export promotion initiative "Offshore 3" funded by the German Federal Department of Energy and Commerce to connect the German offshore wind industry with industry partners in the U.S., Taiwan and Japan 

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