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BOEM Announced Lease Auction Date for New York Bight for February 23, 2022

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announced in January the next offshore wind farm lease online auction date for February 23, 2022, 9 A.M. (preceded by a mock auction on 2/18/22) with an auction schedule available in real time. In order to participate in the auction, bidders have to submit a Bidder Financial Form by January 26, 2022 and a Bid Deposit of $5,000 by February 9, 2022 according to the Final Sale Notice (FSN) by BOEM.

To evaluate and avoid conflict with ocean users, regional tribal nations, underserved communities and other stakeholder and agencies, BOEM had performed another round of stakeholder input which ran from summer until end of year 2021. This resulted in another 12 percent reductions in ocean acreage since the start of the review process. Including all the stakeholders input, 72 percent of original ocean wind area have been shaven off, now making 488,201 acres available for offshore wind farms (see table below). The Final Environmental Assessment documents for the New York Bight became available in December 2021. BOEM also published a list of 25 bidders that qualify under guideline 30 CFR 585.106 and 107 for the upcoming auction. This guideline limits eligibility to domestic bidders only, and will also limit the number of leases that any bidder can win to one.

The final Wind Energy Areas offered for auction in the New York Bight.

Source: BOEM

Documents (previous)





Minimum required bid

84,688 acres

71,522 acres


84,332 acres

84,332 acres


80,062 acres

125,964 acres


Part of OCS-A-0540 was added to OCS-A-0539

76,148 acres

84,688 acres

79,351 acres


87,890 acres

83,976 acres



85,755 acres

43,056 acres

43,056 acres


In response to the new Port Access Route Study which came out in January 2022 “to accommodate vessel traffic … from the Delaware Bay area to east of Montauk,” BOEM added additional conditions to lease area OCR-A 0544. This ocean field shares a border with OCS-A 0512 which is currently developed by Equinor Wind US and BP as the Empire Wind Energy Project with an expected commercial operation date in 2026. The lessee for OCR-A 0544 will have to find a compromise with Equinor (OCR-A 0512) to design “a surface structure layout that contains two common lines of orientation” between the two projects, or “incorporate a 2 nmi setback from the boundary of the neighboring lease” where no construction of any surface structure is allowed. Bidders are also made aware that the final shipping routes are still subject to change.

After the winners of the auctions are announced, BOEM expects the first ocean surveys to start in April 2022, still on time with the original schedule.


Maps of six Wind Energy Areas up for auction in the Hudson North, Central Bight and Hudson South area (below: final designs - previous and current map):

OCS-A 0537

OCS-A 0538

OCS-A 0539

OCS-A 0541

OCS-A 0542

OCS-A 0544

Offshore Wind – New York Bight Task force:

BOEM conducted ongoing studies to project and observe the impact of offshore wind installations in the ocean.

Final Environmental Assessment (12/2021):

Ocean Studies by BOEM:

Completed Studies:

Atlantic Science Year in Review 2020 (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016)

Ongoing Studies:

Future Studies:

Other resources:

Northeast Ocean Data

Offshore Wind Areas

Occurring fish in the wind area|all-fish-species

Occurring birds in the wind area

Occurring mammals & turtles in the wind area

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